The Vauxhall Adam: Does It Offer Real Competition Against The Fiat 500?


Most people that want a stylish supermini will usually opt for a Fiat 500. And those with a penchant for performance might go for the sportier Abarth hot hatch models.

The thing is, the little Fiat has some new competition, and it’s in the form of the Vauxhall Adam.

In case you wondered, ‘Adam’ makes up part of the name of Vauxhall’s sister company in Europe, Opel.

Interesting trivia, but how well does the new baby Vauxhall stack up against the Fiat 500? In today’s review, I will talk you through the features and benefits this car offers and why you might want one.

A car not just for the younger generations

The motoring press would have you believe the Vauxhall Adam is only a car for younger motorists. The truth is, it’s a practical supermini that people of all ages drive.

You only have to look at its bigger brother, the Corsa, to see evidence of that!

Many people want small “city cars” that are easy to park and fun to drive. They don’t want behemoth SUVs or people carriers with a million seats. Nor do they need vehicles with turbocharged V8s under the bonnet.

The Vauxhall Adam is a car that does what it claims: it offers fun and practical motoring. And you don’t need to be under 25 to drive or own one!

Cheap as chips

Another advantage of the Vauxhall Adam is that it’s an affordable car, even in brand new guise.

You could get behind the wheel of a shiny new example for a mere £11k.

Of course, it’s also possible to buy one from a used car supermarket to save more cash in your wallet.

The thing is; cheap doesn’t mean bad when it comes to the Vauxhall Adam. Let me walk you through some of the features you can enjoy as standard:

Four trim levels

The last thing you will get with the Vauxhall Adam is a “cheap and cheerful” motor.

In fact, what you do get is a car packed with a plethora of features.

For instance, let’s take the entry-level “JAM” trim. It comes with 16-inch alloys, a leather steering wheel, and air conditioning as standard. You also get Bluetooth connectivity and a CD player too.

The top of the range “Adam S” trim boasts a VXR styling pack, 18-inch alloys, and sports suspension. Other standard features include Morrocana seats and climate control.

It’s ideal for smartphone users

Own an iPhone or Android handset? If so, the Vauxhall Adam is for you! All trims sport full smartphone integration as standard.

It allows you to display your phone’s content on the car’s seven-inch touchscreen display.

The connection between the phone and the car is possible via Bluetooth or USB.

Choice of practical engines

For such a small car, you can expect an array of engine options in the Vauxhall Adam.

The most popular one is the 1.4-litre, 98 brake horsepower petrol unit. For similar power, you could opt for the 1.0-litre 12-valve turbo engine that boasts up to 113 bhp.

The Adam S (the range-topper) also offers a 1.4-litre turbo engine that outputs 148 bhp. So if you want fuel economy, performance, or the best of both worlds, there is something for everyone.


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