Must-Have Options When Buying a Used Mini


Who doesn’t love a Mini? They’re cute as hell, a style icon, and yet still a great car to drive.

The Mini holds a special place in the British imagination. They’re loved across the board, from those who owned an original to kids who grew up with toy models of them. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, even tried one out at Downing Street.

The Mini has ingrained itself within the British emotional mind, which explains why so many of us want to own one.

What’s important to remember is that buying a car is a delicate procedure. You need to have your head screwed on when looking for any vehicle. That even applies to those adorable little Minis.

Used cars have the most potential to go wrong. It’s key to be even more careful in this market. Dealers of used cars will often offer their customers options for their vehicles.

These can help you to buy the right Mini, and also to keep it on the road for longer. Here’s our list of must-have options for your used Mini.

Service history

Getting the service history of your used vehicle is critical. We can’t overstate the importance of such information. You want to know what your car has been through during its life.

Any used Mini for sale should come with a full service history. If you’ve got those documents, you’re one step ahead on any problems that may develop with your vehicle. One issue with service histories is that fakes are on the rise.

That is especially true when it comes to dodgy salesmen. Our advice is to go to a reputable dealer. If you can, you’ll want to see one that’s approved by Mini.


A Mini is a trustworthy and reliable car. The problem is that used cars are always something of a gamble. Any good dealer will offer you a warranty to ease your concerns.

That means that your vehicle has breakdown protection for a certain amount of time after you buy. Shop around to try and find the longest warranty. They can stretch over years, so there are plenty of good deals to find.


Dealers are desperate to get your business in these uncertain economic times. That’s why it’s key to get everything you can from them! Try and get yourself road tax and emergency cover from them.

These add-ons will save you any hassle and make you feel more comfortable in your Mini.

Additionally, there’s a good chance they’ll be cheaper than going direct.


The transaction doesn’t end when you drive your Mini off the forecourt. A good dealer will give you incentives to return.

They may throw in free MOTs for used vehicles. Try and get free servicing too.

Again, these options are a way of reducing stress and giving yourself security.

Every good Mini dealer should offer you these options and add-ons. They’re critical to securing your custom. They’re also brilliant for you as a customer.

You want to save money and have peace of mind when buying your used Mini. That way, you can settle down and focus on the important thing – loving your Mini.


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