Latest Survey On Electric Cars Highlights Divided Opinions Among UK Drivers


In October 2019 Money4yourMotors, an online car purchasing company, conducted a survey to gather consumer trend data and current views on electric vehicles (EV’s).

In 2018 the International Energy Agency stated that “by 2030 there will be nearly 125 million electric vehicles owned by people around the world” yet the topic of electric cars still seems to have a polarising effect among drivers. Our survey results revealed just how split the public are, with 50% of participants stating that they would buy an electric car today, 49% stating they would not and just 1% confirming they already own one.

To address increasing environmental concerns, car manufacturers are working to produce the most capable EV’s possible. But while many participants suggested that the environmental impact is an encouraging factor in buying an EV, we identified many other concerns as to why so few UK drivers have switched to an electric car.

While price is not the only concern when it comes to buying an EV, it was the most important for those surveyed. With the second-largest concern being issues surrounding the lack of charging points. In fact, 64% of those surveyed do not know the location of their nearest charging station.

The overall results show that while interest in electric cars certainly exists, many drivers don’t see this type of vehicle as a viable option at present, as just 9% of customers believe that their next car will be electric.

With 70% of people not knowing anyone who drives an EV we need to see considerable improvements in terms of price points, vehicle range and capabilities, as well as charging facilities. Only then will we see a significant rise in the number of EV’s on UK roads.

About Money4yourMotors audience research

Money4yourMotors research was carried out via an online survey in October 2019. The survey was open to all members of the public and consisted of 1,715 participants, giving a good sample size and overall representation of the UK population.

Notes for editors

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