In a Class of Their Own : The A B C’s of Mercedes-Benz


Whether you’re a hot-hatch fanboy – or prefer the more mature style of a sleek saloon – the Mercedes-Benz development team have worked tirelessly to cater to the more diverse tastes of today’s consumer.

By overhauling some of their existing models, and introducing us to brand new designs integrated with mind-blowing futuristic technology, Mercedes-Benz are finally beginning to appeal to a much wider audience.

You will still need a good few beans in the bank to pick up one these babies brand new, but given a few years on the road and (if their current owners can bear to part with them) these Mercedes-Benz cars will almost certainly be available secondhand for under £10K.

The only thing to decide now is which class would you choose?

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class

16 years after its original release in 1997, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class was updated for the third time last year. Gone is the squat, snubbed-nose smaller model of the past; and in it’s place rests a serious contender for the premium hatchback market.

Available in a choice of petrol or diesel engine, the A-Class is now longer, lower and wider than the previous incarnations.

The interior cabin has also been upgraded, boasting both sports seats and sports steering wheel, and an in-built multimedia centre controlled by the centre console.

If you’re looking for something to push the boundaries that little bit further, the Mercedes A-Class AMG Sport is a stylish and fun-to-drive alternative to the likes of the BMW 1 Series M Sport or the Audi A3 S-Line.

Prices for the new A-Class Mercedes-Benz start at £20,715.00.

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class

In March 2012 Mercedes-Benz released the newly updated B-Class compact sports tourer. It’s a hatchback and, as with the A-Class, it was revamped and re-engineered in order to increase its appeal to consumers as a modern and attractive addition to the automotive market.

In fact, no other model has seen so many new developments at once in the history of Mercedes-Benz, than that of the B-Class.

The B-Class features the instantly distinguishable corporate face of Mercedes-Benz. It’s also longer, wider and lower than its predecessor and, as with the A-Class, is available with a choice of petrol or diesel engine.

Space inside the cabin has been much improved too, with a reported 976 mm of legroom, the B-Class overshadows even the executive Mercedes-Benz S-Class & E-Class saloons in terms of interior space.

Prices for the new B-Class Mercedes-Benz start at £22,020.00.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Since the first badged C-Class was introduced to us in 1993, it’s also seen quite a few revisions. First in 2000, and then again in 2007, with the latest embodiment being released this year; taking us from the W202 through to the latest W205 chassis.

The 2014 C-Class is lighter and stronger than before, and whilst the Benz styling is apparent, there appears to have been no direct attempt towards making the car appear overly aggressive or sporty, its more of a sleek and confident saloon, which is also available as a coupe or an estate.

The interior boasts a whole heap of technology (optional extra’s), including a screen that guides you through the available menus using a series of slick animations and a touchpad. The built-in “Driver Assist” function uses radar, cameras and even ultrasound to operate, taking action to avoid all obstacles possible.

Prices for the new C-Class Mercedes-Benz start at £26,855.00.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

The CLA-Class is a stylish and economical coupe that was introduced to the public last year as the most aerodynamically efficient car currently available on the automotive market.

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG, (C117), 2012

Both the CLA-Class and the A-Class are part of Mercedes-Benz drive towards attracting younger buyers to the brand.

The car is a coupe version of the A-Class, with a strikingly similar interior, and for all intents and purposes; it looks like a baby CLS.

Despite being an attractive head-turner, it’s not so great to drive, with a stiff suspension.

What lets the car down is the driver appeal, the CLA-Class receives a lacklustre 3 out of 5 star rating on many car review websites. Opt for the CLA 220 CDI for the lowest running costs of the range.

Prices for the new CLA-Class Mercedes-Benz start at £24,775.00.


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